Monday, October 10, 2005

China's Rural Democratic Uprising Turns Brutal

In a shocking display of brutality and hellish desperation a mob, backed by local government officials and police, has reportedly beaten to death (or nearly so) Lu Banglie, a leading democratic activist and lawfully elected village chief, in Taishi, Guangdong, China. His unconscious body was driven away in a police car, no ambulance in sight.

Read the Guardian article and a second.

This is not the sort of law and order story Beijing should expect to encourage investment.

For a brief timeline of what's been going on in Taishi, look here. For a detailed and another first hand account, look here.

Grassroots opposition to corruption, pollution, and extortion have become common in China, with over 100 per day, but this represents a potentially groundbreaking development and has perhaps created a martyr for reform sympathizers.